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About us

Here you will find a little about our History, the staff and elders at fpc, and many of our important church documents.

Here at FPC Huntsville, we have a long history dating back to 1848. That's over 170 years—so we're definitely not the new kid on the block. But with age, comes experience, and we know full-well that time is no guarantee of impact; that history is no measure of success. So while we cherish our history, we rejoice that God has brought us into a larger story, a bigger history, that we are happy to play, even, peripheral roles in.

Lives changed, communities brightened, and families united—these—are the means by which we measure our saltiness.

Click below if you would like more information and a detailed history of the church.

our staff:
Rev. Dr. Craig King


Meredith Clifton

Director of Young Adult and Family Ministry & Parent's Day Out

Cathy 3.jpg
Cathy King

Church Secretary

Michael McDougal.png
Michael McDougal 

Director of Music 

Brenda Brock 

Spiritual Formation Volunteer and

Clerk of Session

David Fleming


Our Current elders:

Class of 2024
Charlie Bradbury

Chair, Administration Team

Genevieve Brown

Chair, Outreach Team

Emily Evans.jpeg
Emily Evans

Chair, Christian Education/

Youth Team

Class of 2025
Meghan Burton

Chair, Worship Team

Neill Hodges.jpg
Neill Hodges

Chair, Finance & Stewardship Team

Elaine Strickland

Administration Team Member

Class of 2026

Chair, Buildings & Grounds Team

Milton Brock
Meredith Clifton.jpeg

Chair, Nurture Team

Meredith Clifton
Matt Srader

Buildings & Grounds Team Member

To contact a staff member or elder, please email the church and they will put you in contact.
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